New Course & Updates

We are glad to offer our new lab-course Automated Agricultural Machines to you. It is designed to be a 5 ECTS course, available for both mechanical engineering and agrosystem sciences students. It will take place this year on the end of September and deal with hands-on topics of automated machines for agricultural use-cases. Don't miss the chance to register for one of the few places!
We also updated our master's level course Positioning and Navigation of off-road vehicles and developed a home office friendly learning concept. If you are interested in how positioning and navigation systems work in the harsh off-road environment, we would be glad to see you in this course.

New course (Bachelor- and Master-Ergänzungsfach)

We offer a new course "Robotics and Automation in Agriculture" in winter semester 2020/21. The course will provide basic knowledge of core technologies and state of the art in agricultural robotics and automation.


New lecture offer

24.03.2020: From summer semester 2019 we offer the new course "Positioning and navigation for off-road vehicles". A hands-on course for Masterstudents who are interested in GPS Positioning, local navigation and Matlab programming! Check it out here => [WZ1295]


New lecture for Wintersemester 2019:

17.10.2019: The course Tractor-Implement Communication Technology (Master) has started and will be running Winter semester WS2019/2020