Thesis opportunities

The Chair of Agrimechatronics offers Bachelor- and Master's thesis for students of

  • Bachelor in Agrarwissenschaften und Gartenbauwissenschaften
  • Master of Science Agrarsystemwissenschaften
  • Bachelor Maschinenwesen
  • Master Automotive Engineering
  • Master Mechatronik und Robotik
  • Master Maschinenwesen

The topics will cover themes like:

  • robotics in agriculture
  • electronics in agriculture
  • sensor systems
  • autonomous farm systems
  • ISOBUS components and systems
  • positioning technology for agriculture
  • mechatronics applications for agriculture
  • ...

If you are interested in any of these topics, you can also directly contact the Professor.

Current Thesis Topics

For Students of the School of Engineering and Design

Announcements of Master-/ Bachelor-/Semester Theses, HiWi Positions are listed in the BaSaMa

For Students of the School of Life Sciences

  • Trailer estimation for precision agriculture applications. For more details please contact Samuel Brodie
  • Potential analysis of Tractor Implement Management (TIM) in practical fieldwork. For more details please contact Marcel Moll